Frequently Asked Questions

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We suggest using our invitation template in the BUILD section of this website to introduce the program to them. Then allow them to fill out the VENDOR OFFER FORM. Once you have an offer from your vendor which they are willing to give to your clients, you are ready to add them to your club (next step).

Corporate+Club membership cards are provided to you by your friendly neighbourhood company or business professional.

There is no cost to register. Once you have a valid Corporate+Club membership card, you will have unlimited free access to all the discounts available for as long as your card is valid!

Because Corporate+Club is an exclusive discount program, you must register a valid card on the website. To register successfully, you will need your 9-digit card number.

Every deal can be used an unlimited amount of times for as long as your card is valid. Sign in to your account, find the deal you wish to take advantage of, and click through for redemption information.

Check the date on the front of your Corporate+Club card which will let you know how long your membership is valid for, or check your profile after signing in.

If your card has expired, it is best to request a new card from the company/ business professional that originally gave you one.

Please fill out a quote form here and a member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us at 1-888-588-1717.

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